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Mar 7, 2020
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Welcome to the Board & Officers page of Solomon Schechter Day School! As a leading educational institution in the Jewish community, we are proud to have a dedicated Board of Directors and Officers who play a vital role in shaping the future of our school.

About the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group of highly experienced individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Solomon Schechter Day School. They are committed to our school's vision and mission, and work collaboratively with the administration to ensure the highest quality of education for our students.

Responsibilities of the Board

The Board of Directors has several key responsibilities that help to guide our school's strategic direction. These responsibilities include:

  • Setting and reviewing the school's goals and objectives
  • Developing and approving policies
  • Ensuring financial stability and sustainability
  • Hiring and evaluating the Head of School
  • Monitoring and assessing school performance
  • Engaging in fundraising and community outreach

Meet Our Board Members

We are fortunate to have a diverse and talented group of individuals serving on our Board of Directors. Each member brings unique perspectives, skills, and backgrounds that contribute to the overall success of our school. Get to know our dedicated board members:

Board Member 1 - Name

Board member 1 brings extensive experience in the education sector and is passionate about fostering a positive learning environment. They have a strong background in curriculum development and have been instrumental in implementing innovative teaching methods at our school.

Board Member 2 - Name

Board member 2 is a prominent figure in the local Jewish community and has a deep understanding of our cultural heritage. They actively support initiatives that promote Jewish values and traditions, ensuring they are integrated into our educational programs.

Board Member 3 - Name

Board member 3 is a respected business leader who brings valuable expertise in financial management. They have played a crucial role in securing funding for important school projects and initiatives, ensuring the long-term financial stability of Solomon Schechter Day School.

About the Officers

The Officers of Solomon Schechter Day School are responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of the school. They work closely with the Board of Directors to implement strategic plans and ensure the overall success of our educational programs.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Officers

Our Officers hold key leadership positions within the school administration and oversee various areas, including:

  • Head of School: The Head of School serves as the chief executive officer and is responsible for leading the overall strategic direction of the school.
  • Principal: The Principal oversees the academic curriculum, ensures quality instruction, and supports the professional development of our faculty.
  • Business Manager: The Business Manager handles financial operations, budgeting, and strategic financial planning to ensure the school's financial sustainability.
  • Director of Admissions: The Director of Admissions manages the student enrollment process and works closely with prospective families to provide information about our school and its programs.
  • Communications Director: The Communications Director is responsible for promoting the school's image and maintaining effective communication with parents, staff, and the wider community.

Meet Our Officers

Our Officers bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to their respective roles, ensuring the smooth functioning of our school's operations:

Head of School - Name

The Head of School has an extensive background in educational leadership and is dedicated to providing a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for all our students. Through their visionary leadership, they ensure the implementation of innovative educational practices that meet the needs of our students.

Principal - Name

The Principal is an experienced educator who works closely with our teaching staff to develop and implement a rigorous curriculum. They are committed to maintaining high academic standards and fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Business Manager - Name

The Business Manager brings strong financial acumen and ensures the efficient management of our school's finances. They work diligently to allocate resources effectively, optimize budgeting processes, and maintain financial transparency.

Director of Admissions - Name

The Director of Admissions is the first point of contact for prospective families. They provide valuable guidance and support throughout the enrollment process, ensuring a smooth transition for new students. Their dedication to promoting our school's unique values and educational programs is paramount.

Communications Director - Name

The Communications Director plays a crucial role in building and maintaining strong relationships with parents, staff, and the wider community. They utilize various communication channels to keep stakeholders informed about school events, achievements, and important updates.


Our Board of Directors and Officers at Solomon Schechter Day School are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience rooted in Jewish values and traditions. Through their collective efforts, our school continues to flourish and empower students to reach their full potential. We are grateful for their dedication and leadership.

Philippe Trapp
Great to see Solomon Schechter Day School's dedicated Board of Directors and Officers leading the way in shaping the future of education in the Jewish community!
Nov 10, 2023