Jewish Links & References

Jul 16, 2022

Explore the Richness of Jewish Faith, Tradition, and Knowledge

Welcome to Solomon Schechter Day School's collection of Jewish links and references. We are proud to provide a comprehensive list of resources to deepen your understanding of Jewish faith, tradition, and culture. Whether you are an individual seeking knowledge or a community organization looking for references, we have gathered valuable information to support your journey. Discover the beauty and significance of Jewish heritage through our carefully curated collection.

1. Jewish History and Heritage

Delve into the richness of Jewish history and heritage by exploring these websites:

  • Jewish History Online - Discover an extensive collection of articles, timelines, and resources tracing the vibrant history of the Jewish people.
  • Yad Vashem - Visit the official website of the world's foremost Holocaust memorial center, dedicated to preserving the memory and stories of the victims.
  • Jewish Encyclopedia - Explore a vast online encyclopedia covering various aspects of Jewish history, culture, and literature.

2. Jewish Customs and Observances

Learn more about Jewish customs and observances through the following references:

  • My Jewish Learning - Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Judaism through engaging articles, recipes, and videos.
  • - Access a wide range of resources, including holiday guides, prayer explanations, and insights into Jewish philosophy and mysticism.
  • - Discover thought-provoking articles and videos on Jewish ethics, spirituality, and practical life lessons.

3. Jewish Education and Scholarly Resources

For those interested in Jewish education and academic resources, we recommend the following:

  • Jewish Virtual Library - Explore an extensive collection of online resources, including historical documents, maps, and articles on Jewish culture, politics, and more.
  • Sefaria - Access a vast library of Jewish texts in English and Hebrew, providing traditional and modern interpretations.
  • Jewish Theological Seminary - Visit the official website of one of the leading institutions for Jewish education, offering programs for future rabbis, educators, and scholars.

4. Jewish Community and Organizations

Discover Jewish community organizations and connect with like-minded individuals through the following:

  • Jewish Federations of North America - Find local Jewish federations across North America committed to supporting the Jewish community through various initiatives.
  • Hadassah - Explore the website of the largest women's Zionist organization in the United States, dedicated to promoting healthcare, education, and research.
  • JCC Association of North America - Connect with Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) across North America and discover a range of cultural, educational, and recreational activities.

5. Jewish News and Media

Stay informed about the latest news and developments within the Jewish community through these sources:

  • The Times of Israel - Read up-to-date news, analysis, and opinion pieces covering Israel, the Jewish world, and global affairs.
  • Jewish Journal - Access a leading source of news and cultural coverage, highlighting issues relevant to the Jewish community in the United States and beyond.
  • Jewish Telegraphic Agency - Explore a global Jewish news agency providing in-depth reporting on Jewish life, culture, and politics.

Enrich Your Journey with Jewish Links & References

Embrace the vast wealth of Jewish knowledge and explore the links and references provided by Solomon Schechter Day School. Feed your curiosity, deepen your understanding, and strengthen your connection to Jewish faith and beliefs. Our extensive collection of resources is designed to serve individuals, organizations, and the broader Jewish community. Start your journey today, and unlock the treasures of Jewish heritage.

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