Candle Lighting

Jul 31, 2018

Welcome to the Candle Lighting page of Solomon Schechter Day School. As a prominent institution in the Jewish community, we believe in preserving and promoting the rich traditions and customs of our faith. Candle lighting holds profound significance in Judaism, symbolizing unity, spirituality, and the remembrance of important historical events. Join our community as we celebrate this sacred ritual and embrace the beauty of Jewish heritage.

The Significance of Candle Lighting

Candle lighting is a cherished practice observed by Jewish families around the world. It marks the beginning of the Sabbath, a special day of rest and spiritual reflection. The lighting of candles serves as a visible reminder to honor and observe this holiest day of the week.

In Jewish tradition, the lighting of candles is a symbol of the divine presence, adding a sense of sanctity and spirituality to the atmosphere. The flickering flames evoke feelings of warmth, hope, and harmony, creating a serene ambiance for ritual observance and family bonding.

The Ritual of Lighting Candles

Every week, just before sunset on Friday evening, Jewish families come together to welcome the Sabbath by lighting candles. This beautiful ritual follows specific guidelines, ensuring its adherence to tradition and customs. Here is a step-by-step guide to the practice of candle lighting:

  1. Preparation: Prior to candle lighting, it is customary to clean the house, dress in special attire, and set the table for the festive Sabbath meal.
  2. Blessings: A special blessing is recited before the lighting of the candles. The woman or mother of the household traditionally fulfills this honor, symbolizing the nurturing light that radiates from her. The blessing acknowledges the commandment to observe the Sabbath and express gratitude for reaching this sacred moment.
  3. Lighting the Candles: Using a match or candle, the woman lights two or more candles and covers her eyes while reciting a silent prayer. This act of covering the eyes symbolizes focusing inward, connecting with the divine and setting aside the distractions of the outside world.
  4. Blessing Over the Candles: After lighting the candles, the woman uncovers her eyes and recites the blessing. This blessing praises God for the commandment to light the candles and for guiding us through this holy day.
  5. Welcoming the Sabbath: Once the candles are lit, the woman or the person leading the ceremony extends their hands towards the flames and ushers in the Sabbath by warmly welcoming its arrival. This moment offers an opportunity for personal prayers and reflections.

Celebrating Candle Lighting at Solomon Schechter Day School

At Solomon Schechter Day School, we understand the significance of candle lighting and its role in connecting our students to their Jewish roots. As part of our curriculum, we provide comprehensive education about Jewish traditions, including the powerful symbolism and rituals associated with candle lighting.

Our community comes together every Friday afternoon to celebrate candle lighting. We foster a warm and inclusive environment where students recognize the importance of this sacred practice and deeply appreciate its historical and cultural significance.

Join Our Community

We invite you to become a part of the Solomon Schechter Day School community and experience the beauty of candle lighting firsthand. By embracing the traditions and customs associated with this ritual, you will enhance your understanding of the Jewish faith and create lasting connections within our community.

Ignite the spark of spirituality in your life and embark on a journey of faith and self-discovery with us. Connect with Solomon Schechter Day School today and be a part of a vibrant, inclusive, and nurturing educational experience!

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