Master of Business Administration Major in Professional Coaching

Sep 16, 2022

Empowering Your Leadership Potential

Welcome to Solomon Schechter Day School's Master of Business Administration major in Professional Coaching program. As a leader in the field of education and personal development, we are dedicated to equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive corporate world.

Why Choose Our Program?

Our Master of Business Administration major in Professional Coaching program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of business principles, combined with the specialized expertise in coaching techniques. We believe that effective leadership is not solely about managing operations, but also about inspiring and motivating individuals to achieve their full potential.

Program Overview

Our program offers a unique blend of business and coaching courses, ensuring our graduates possess the skills to navigate the complexities of today's globalized business environment while fostering a culture of personal growth and development within their organizations.

  • Business Foundations: Our curriculum covers essential business topics such as accounting, finance, marketing, and strategic management. These courses provide the necessary foundation for a successful career in business.
  • Coaching Techniques: Through specialized coaching courses, students develop practical skills in areas such as active listening, powerful questioning, and goal setting. These skills enable our graduates to become effective coaches and mentors.
  • Leadership Development: Our program emphasizes the development of leadership capabilities. Students gain insights into leadership styles, team dynamics, and organizational behavior, enabling them to lead with confidence and authenticity.
  • Practical Experience: We believe in experiential learning. Our students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills through real-world business projects, internships, and case studies.
  • Career Opportunities: With a Master in Business Administration major in Professional Coaching, you'll be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates can pursue roles such as executive coach, leadership consultant, organizational development manager, and more.

Why Solomon Schechter Day School?

At Solomon Schechter Day School, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional learning environment that promotes academic excellence and personal growth. We offer:

  • Expert Faculty: Our faculty consists of experienced professionals who bring a wealth of industry knowledge and coaching expertise to the classroom.
  • Small Class Sizes: We maintain small class sizes to ensure personalized attention and meaningful interactions between students and faculty.
  • Networking Opportunities: Through our extensive network of alumni and industry partnerships, students have access to valuable networking opportunities that can enhance their career prospects.
  • Flexible Study Options: Our program offers both full-time and part-time study options, allowing students to balance their academic pursuits with personal and professional commitments.
  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Our state-of-the-art campus provides students with the resources and technology necessary for an optimal learning experience.
  • Supportive Community: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in the corporate world.

Apply Today

If you are ready to take your career to the next level and become a catalyst for change, apply now to Solomon Schechter Day School's Master of Business Administration major in Professional Coaching program. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey towards professional and personal success.