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May 24, 2021


Welcome to uPlanner – ICUF, the ultimate planning tool for students and parents at Solomon Schechter Day School. We understand that staying organized and on track with academic goals can sometimes be challenging, which is why we have developed uPlanner to assist in creating a seamless and efficient planning experience. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, uPlanner will become your ultimate partner in academic success.

Stay Organized with uPlanner

uPlanner is designed to help students and parents stay organized in every aspect of academic life. From class schedules to homework assignments, exams, and extracurricular activities, uPlanner ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. With intuitive navigation and user-friendly features, uPlanner streamlines the planning process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your education.

Features of uPlanner

1. Personalized Planning

uPlanner allows each student to personalize their planning experience according to their unique needs and preferences. Set customizable reminders, create to-do lists, and track progress effortlessly. With uPlanner, you have the flexibility to tailor your planning tool to match your individual workflow.

2. Integrated Class Schedule

By integrating your class schedule into uPlanner, you can easily keep track of upcoming classes, important dates, and academic deadlines. Say goodbye to missed classes or confusion about class times – uPlanner has got you covered.

3. Homework and Assignment Tracker

Never miss a homework assignment again! With uPlanner's built-in homework and assignment tracker, you can keep a comprehensive record of all tasks, due dates, and submission statuses. Stay ahead of deadlines and effectively manage your workload with ease.

4. Exam and Test Scheduler

Preparation is key to academic success. uPlanner's exam and test scheduler feature allows you to create a study plan, set reminders for review sessions, and allocate time for exam preparation. Stay organized and optimize your study hours to achieve outstanding results.

5. Extracurricular and Events Calendar

In addition to academic planning, uPlanner offers an integrated calendar for tracking extracurricular activities and events. Whether it's a club meeting, sports practice, or a school event, uPlanner will make sure you never miss an important moment outside of the classroom.

Benefits of uPlanner

By utilizing uPlanner, students and parents can experience a range of benefits that contribute to enhanced productivity and success in academic pursuits:

1. Improved Time Management

With uPlanner's comprehensive planning features, students can effectively manage their time by prioritizing tasks, setting reminders, and avoiding last-minute rushes. Develop excellent time management skills that will serve you well beyond your school years.

2. Enhanced Productivity

By having a structured and organized approach to planning, uPlanner helps students increase their productivity. With all the necessary information readily available, you can focus on completing tasks efficiently, leading to higher-quality work.

3. Reduced Stress Levels

Staying on top of deadlines and assignments can be stressful. With uPlanner, you can alleviate this stress by proactively managing your workload. By knowing what needs to be done and when, you can approach your academics with a sense of calm and confidence.

4. Improved Academic Performance

By utilizing uPlanner's planning and tracking features, students can optimize their study time and ensure they are adequately prepared for exams, resulting in improved academic performance. Stay one step ahead and achieve your full potential.


Don't just take our word for it. Here's what students and parents have to say about their experience with uPlanner:

  • "uPlanner has revolutionized the way I approach my studies. It keeps me organized and ensures I never miss an assignment or exam." - Sarah, High School Student
  • "As a parent, uPlanner has provided me with invaluable insights into my child's academic journey. I can easily track their progress and provide the necessary support." - David, Parent
  • "I highly recommend uPlanner to all students. It has truly made a positive impact on my academic performance and overall well-being." - Jessica, College Student

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