Take Rabbi Frank to the Bank - Form

Sep 19, 2022


Welcome to the Take Rabbi Frank to the Bank form page of Solomon Schechter Day School! We are excited to have you on board as we embark on this unique fundraising initiative. Our renowned educational institution is dedicated to fostering community and society through our strong faith and beliefs. With a holistic approach to education rooted in Jewish values, we aim to provide our students with a well-rounded experience that prepares them for a successful future.

Why Support Rabbi Frank?

Rabbi Frank, a cherished member of our school community, has been an integral part of our institution for over a decade. He has tirelessly dedicated his time and energy to enriching the lives of our students and families. Now, it's time for us to give back to him and show our appreciation. By supporting this initiative, you will be contributing to Rabbi Frank's personal development and well-being.

Our Philanthropic Goal

Our goal is to raise a significant amount of funds to help Rabbi Frank achieve his dreams. By providing him with financial support, we can ensure his continued growth and impact on our school community. Your generous contributions will go directly towards helping Rabbi Frank fulfill his personal goals, whether it be pursuing advanced studies, engaging in professional development opportunities, or supporting his involvement in community projects.

How You Can Help

There are numerous ways in which you can contribute to Take Rabbi Frank to the Bank:

1. Monetary Donations

Your financial contributions will play a vital role in supporting Rabbi Frank's personal and professional development. We encourage you to donate generously, knowing that every dollar contributes towards making a difference in his life.

2. Volunteer Opportunities

Aside from monetary donations, we also value your time and expertise. If you have skills or resources that can be of benefit to Rabbi Frank, consider volunteering your services. Whether it's offering professional advice, mentoring, or facilitating connections, your support will help Rabbi Frank flourish.

3. Spread the Word

Show your support by spreading the word about Take Rabbi Frank to the Bank. Share our mission and initiative with your friends, family, and colleagues. Help us create a network of support that extends beyond our immediate community.

Get Involved Today!

Now is your chance to make a difference in the life of Rabbi Frank. Join us in our commitment to support and uplift him as he has done for so many others. Your contribution, big or small, will have a lasting impact on Rabbi Frank's personal and professional journey.

Thank you for considering joining us on this exciting endeavor. Together, we can make Rabbi Frank's dreams come true while further strengthening our community and society.

Lori Mackellar
Very informative! Excited to support this fundraising initiative.
Nov 8, 2023