HoCo Court Nominations Are Open!

Aug 8, 2023

Introduction to HoCo Court

Welcome to Solomon Schechter Day School's HoCo Court! We are excited to announce the opening of nominations for this special event. HoCo Court, short for Homecoming Court, is a cherished tradition within our community. It honors our students who exemplify leadership, character, and school spirit. By participating, they become ambassadors of our vibrant community.

Join us in Celebrating our Community and Faith

At Solomon Schechter Day School, we take pride in fostering a tight-knit community that shares a strong bond rooted in faith and beliefs. Our commitment to Jewish traditions and values infuses every aspect of our school life. HoCo Court serves as an opportunity to celebrate these elements that bring us together and strengthen our sense of belonging.

What is HoCo Court?

HoCo Court is a beloved tradition where students from different grade levels are nominated, and a select group is chosen as representatives of the school. These representatives, known as the Homecoming Court, receive recognition for their outstanding qualities and contributions to the school community. They serve as ambassadors during various homecoming events, fostering school spirit and unity.

Nominate Your Candidates

We encourage students, parents, faculty, and staff to participate by nominating deserving candidates for HoCo Court. This is an opportunity to acknowledge students who embody the values that drive our school. Nominations should reflect outstanding character, leadership skills, and dedication to our community.

The nomination process is simple. Visit our school website and fill out the online nomination form. Provide the candidate's name, grade level, and a brief explanation of why you believe they should be considered for HoCo Court. Your nominations play a crucial role in recognizing our exceptional students and ensuring a fair selection process.

The Selection Process

Once the nominations are submitted, our selection committee comprised of school administrators, faculty members, and student representatives will carefully review each candidate's qualifications. The committee evaluates the candidates based on their leadership ability, involvement in extracurricular activities, community engagement, academic achievements, and embodiment of our school's core values.

The final Homecoming Court representatives will be chosen based on the committee's comprehensive evaluation. We believe in transparency and fairness throughout the selection process, and nominees who demonstrate exceptional qualifications will have the opportunity to be recognized as part of HoCo Court.

Celebrating with Homecoming Events

Once the Homecoming Court is announced, the chosen representatives will be honored during our annual Homecoming celebration. This festive event brings together our entire community, students, families, and alumni. It serves as a platform to showcase our school spirit, unity, and the exceptional individuals who epitomize our values.

Throughout the Homecoming week, a variety of activities will be organized, including a vibrant parade, athletic competitions, performances, and a formal Homecoming dance. The Homecoming Court will actively participate in these events, representing our school and spreading their infectious school spirit.


As nominations for HoCo Court open, we encourage everyone in our Solomon Schechter Day School community to participate actively. Let us come together to recognize and celebrate the exceptional qualities and achievements of our students. HoCo Court represents our commitment to leadership, character, and school spirit, as our students embody these qualities every day.

We look forward to your nominations and the joyous celebration of Homecoming. May this event strengthen our bonds of faith, beliefs, and community, making it a memorable experience for all.