Danie Griffin-Turner – ICUF

Jun 24, 2022
Ministry Staff

About Danie Griffin-Turner

Danie Griffin-Turner is an integral part of the Solomon Schechter Day School team, contributing her expertise and dedication to further enhance the school's commitment to excellence in education. With her extensive experience and passion for nurturing young minds, Danie plays a key role in shaping the educational futures of the students at Solomon Schechter.

Role at Solomon Schechter Day School

As a valued staff member, Danie Griffin-Turner serves as an ICUF (Innovative Classroom Upgrades Fund) specialist. Her primary responsibility is to support the school in implementing innovative and technology-driven teaching methods, ensuring that students have access to the latest educational tools. Danie collaborates closely with teachers and administrators to identify opportunities for integrating technology into the curriculum and enhancing the overall teaching and learning experience at Solomon Schechter.


Danie Griffin-Turner brings a wealth of experience to her role at Solomon Schechter Day School. With a background in educational technology and a deep understanding of current advancements in pedagogy, she is well-equipped to guide the school's efforts in creating a dynamic and future-ready learning environment.

Contributions to the School's Community

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Danie is actively involved in fostering a sense of community and belonging at Solomon Schechter. She organizes and participates in various events that encourage parent engagement and strengthen the connection between the school and its families.

Commitment to Innovation

Danie Griffin-Turner's dedication to innovation is evident in her relentless pursuit of finding creative solutions to enhance the educational experience at Solomon Schechter. She keeps up with the latest research and trends in educational technology, ensuring that the school remains at the forefront of innovation in teaching and learning. Her proactive approach and focus on continuous improvement make her an invaluable asset to the school's faculty and students.

Community and Society - Faith and Beliefs

Solomon Schechter Day School, in the Community and Society - Faith and Beliefs category, stands as an educational institution that not only prioritizes academic excellence but also emphasizes the importance of faith and beliefs in shaping the lives of its students. With a deep commitment to fostering a strong sense of community, Solomon Schechter provides a nurturing environment where students can explore their faith and values while receiving a comprehensive education.

Why Choose Solomon Schechter Day School

Solomon Schechter Day School's unique combination of academic rigor, community engagement, and faith-based education sets it apart from other schools. The dedicated staff, including professionals like Danie Griffin-Turner, work tirelessly to ensure that students receive a well-rounded education enriched with Jewish values and traditions. The school's commitment to innovation and its focus on technology integration also empower students to excel in the modern world.

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Danie Griffin-Turner's dedicated contributions to the Solomon Schechter Day School community, particularly in her role as an ICUF specialist, make her an essential part of the school's commitment to providing an innovative and holistic educational experience. With a focus on fostering academic excellence, incorporating technology in the curriculum, and nurturing a strong sense of community and faith, Solomon Schechter stands as a premier institution in the field of Jewish education.