Florida Tech Names Next President – ICUF

Mar 4, 2020
Message From Our President/CEO

About Florida Tech's New President

Florida Tech is delighted to announce the appointment of its next president, a distinguished individual who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. This new leadership holds tremendous significance not only for the university but also for the surrounding community and affiliated institutions such as Solomon Schechter Day School.

Impact on Solomon Schechter Day School

As a respected institution committed to fostering an exceptional learning environment for students, Solomon Schechter Day School is thrilled by the appointment of the new president at Florida Tech. The arrival of this visionary leader presents exciting opportunities and developments for the institution in various aspects:

Enhanced Collaborations and Partnerships

The new president's extensive network and collaborative approach will pave the way for strengthened partnerships between Florida Tech and Solomon Schechter Day School. These partnerships can result in joint initiatives, research collaborations, and other fruitful endeavors that benefit both institutions and their respective communities.

Expanded Academic Offerings

Under the guidance of the new president, Florida Tech will likely witness the introduction of innovative academic programs and courses. This expansion could extend to Solomon Schechter Day School, offering students novel educational pathways, specialized tracks, and exciting interdisciplinary options that promote holistic and comprehensive learning.

Investments in Research and Development

Florida Tech's commitment to research and development is expected to be further bolstered under the leadership of the new president. This emphasis on cutting-edge research extends the potential for collaborative projects with Solomon Schechter Day School, encouraging students and faculty to engage in exploratory and transformative research endeavors.

Community Engagement and Outreach

The appointment of a new president signifies a renewed focus on community engagement and outreach initiatives. Florida Tech, together with Solomon Schechter Day School, can actively contribute to the local community through service-learning programs, mentorship opportunities, and outreach efforts that foster social responsibility and civic involvement among students.

Opportunities for Growth and Progress

With the new president's arrival, Florida Tech and Solomon Schechter Day School enter an era of growth and progress. The impact of this appointment reaches beyond the bounds of the two institutions, influencing the wider educational landscape and shaping the future of the Community and Society - Faith and Beliefs category. Some of the promising opportunities available include:

Revitalization of Campus Infrastructure

The new president's tenure brings a strong commitment to enhancing the physical infrastructure of Florida Tech. With significant investments in campus facilities, classrooms, and resources, students and faculty at Solomon Schechter Day School can relish an enriched learning environment conducive to creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Increased Funding for Scholarships

The new president will prioritize securing additional funding for scholarships and financial aid programs. This undertaking is significant for both Florida Tech and Solomon Schechter Day School, ensuring that qualified students receive the necessary support to pursue their academic ambitions and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

Florida Tech and Solomon Schechter Day School are committed to fostering diverse and inclusive environments where students from all backgrounds can thrive. The new president's vision includes initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, celebrating cultural differences, and creating an inclusive community that prepares students for a globally interconnected world.

Industry Partnerships and Internship Programs

With the new president's orientation towards forging partnerships with industries and organizations, students at Solomon Schechter Day School can expect expanded internship opportunities and real-world experiences. These partnerships can facilitate internships, co-op programs, and experiential learning initiatives that bridge the gap between academia and professional practice.


The appointment of Florida Tech's next president is an exciting development that holds tremendous promise for both the university and its affiliated institutions such as Solomon Schechter Day School. This new leadership will drive positive changes, facilitate collaborations, and create a future that inspires academic excellence, community engagement, and personal growth. The impact will be felt in the areas of enhanced partnerships, expanded academic offerings, advanced research programs, and meaningful community engagement. Together, Florida Tech and Solomon Schechter Day School embark on an extraordinary journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

Dickie Williams
Congratulations on the appointment! Exciting times ahead for Florida Tech!
Nov 8, 2023