Phoenix Robotics Heads to World Championship

Nov 20, 2019


Welcome to Solomon Schechter Day School's article on Phoenix Robotics heading to the World Championship! As a renowned educational institution promoting community involvement, faith, and beliefs, Solomon Schechter Day School is proud to support and celebrate its talented students.

Phoenix Robotics

Phoenix Robotics is an exceptional robotics team composed of bright and ambitious young minds from Solomon Schechter Day School. The team consists of passionate students and dedicated mentors who demonstrate remarkable competence in the field of robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Background and Achievements

Phoenix Robotics has an unparalleled track record of success, consistently ranking among the top competitors in various regional and national robotics competitions. The team's commitment, expertise, and collaborative spirit have earned them numerous accolades throughout their journey, showcasing their determination for excellence.

Qualification for the World Championship

This year, Phoenix Robotics has achieved a significant milestone by qualifying for the prestigious World Championship event in the field of robotics. Their exceptional performance and innovative designs set them apart as one of the leading robotics teams in the world.

The World Championship Experience

Taking place in a vibrant international atmosphere, the World Championship serves as the ultimate platform for robotics enthusiasts to display their skills, exchange knowledge, and foster strong collaborative relationships. With teams from all over the globe gathering for this event, it is an unparalleled opportunity for Solomon Schechter Day School students to showcase their capabilities.

The Event Highlights

The World Championship encompasses multiple exciting challenges and competitions that test the participants' technical skills, strategic thinking, and creativity. Collaborating with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, our talented team members are set to engage in thrilling robotic battles, intricate problem-solving exercises, and innovative project presentations.

Professional Networking and Collaboration

Alongside the intense competition, the World Championship offers an invaluable chance for our students to connect with industry professionals, renowned experts, and potential future collaborators. These connections open doors to new opportunities, inspire innovation, and contribute to the overall growth of the students, fostering their passion for robotics and STEM education.

Support from Solomon Schechter Day School

Solomon Schechter Day School takes immense pride in the accomplishments of Phoenix Robotics and extends unwavering support to the team throughout their World Championship journey. The school recognizes the significance of nurturing young talent, encouraging creative thinking, and empowering students to become future leaders in technology and innovation.

About Solomon Schechter Day School

Solomon Schechter Day School is a reputable educational institution with a rich history rooted in the vibrant Jewish community. The school's mission is to provide a well-rounded education that blends academic excellence with character development and a deep understanding of faith and beliefs. Solomon Schechter Day School strives to foster an inclusive environment that promotes critical thinking, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.

Embracing STEM Education

Solomon Schechter Day School recognizes the importance of STEM education in preparing students for the challenges of the modern world. By actively engaging students in robotics programs and nurturing their interest in science and technology, the school ensures their holistic development and equips them with the skills necessary to succeed in the increasingly competitive global landscape.

Celebrating Phoenix Robotics

As we cheer on Phoenix Robotics in their pursuit of excellence at the World Championship, we express our utmost admiration for their exceptional dedication, hard work, and commitment to innovation. Solomon Schechter Day School stands beside them, supporting their aspirations, and rejoicing in their remarkable achievements every step of the way.


For Solomon Schechter Day School, Phoenix Robotics represents the epitome of passionate, talented, and forward-thinking students. We are proud to have them as ambassadors, representing our institution and community on the global stage. The World Championship is not just a competition but an opportunity for students to push the boundaries of their abilities, ignite their curiosity, and shape their future amidst the exciting world of robotics.

Barney McConkey
Great achievement, congratulations!
Nov 11, 2023